Open Data - diving into the deep end

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Open Data - diving into the deep end

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Technology for Social Innovation, Cultural Fusion IT

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In another post I suggested it might be helpful to connect a few dots...

Technologies for a Social Innovation Nation


Social Innovation Sign Post

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The implications of “the cloud” for CRM technology solutions  and the FOSS ecosystem are considerably more obvious  than its promise in art as social innovation.

Cultural Fusion Approach to Poverty Impacts


My objective here is to begin laying out a series of blog posts that will connect a few major points.

#ukgovOSS Action Plan

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The Open Government Network ( is one of our major R&D programs to create open source solutions.

It describes how Open Systems can be applied to improve government in a multitude of different ways, such as using open source software internally to reduce costs, using web 2.0 communities to transform business processes or how open standards can enable interoperable medical records.

Hodges model: A global conceptual framework for all

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Hello everyone (I think)...?

This is a great site it's a real shame it not active!!!!

Since I posted on the iFOSSF forum in 2006 my blog 'Welcome to the QUAD' has continued its eclectic vein:

Building in the Sky, Will You Come Play?

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 The Labyrinth Series is one I am developing for several applications. This painting was  starting point after playing around with print carvings....this piece uses clay, gesso, and acrylic paint on canvas board.

Enterprise 2.0 - Harnessing the Wikipedia effect

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Enterprise 2.0

The headline story for the November 08 edition of Fast Company was that Cisco have begun adopting a "socialist enterprise" approach to their management. The article explains they have begun to use Web 2.0 technologies internally to better co-ordinate business activities, and also less formal organisational structures to improve their agility so that they can bring new products to market faster.

Volunteers needed for the creation of Think Youth Independent Empowerment Center in Eight African Countries

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Think Youth Independent Center for Empowerment, will give the youths of these underprivilege area to have the opportunities to secure their future. The project has already started in Cameroon Under the banner of Think Youth Independent Association. The other countires to get involved include Nigeria, Chad, Rwanda, Congo DR, Ethopia, Kenya and Malawi.

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