Hodges model: A global conceptual framework for all

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Hello everyone (I think)...?

This is a great site it's a real shame it not active!!!!

Since I posted on the iFOSSF forum in 2006 my blog 'Welcome to the QUAD' has continued its eclectic vein:


- with posts on Hodges' model, learning Drupal, health, nursing, informatics and education....

I have reviewed two Drupal books thus far:


and will review the new E-learning and multimedia title after I have read and reviewed Gary Hall's "Digitize this Book! The Politics of New Media, or Why We Need Open Access Now".

If anyone has web sites to recommend or conference links please let me know. A listing of POLITICAL relevance is maintained at:


- the POLITICAL links domain - which includes 'open source, economics, activism, development, policy studies....'.

Part of Hodges' model -


Happy New Year!!