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Open Data - diving into the deep end

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Open Data - diving into the deep end

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Technology for Social Innovation, Cultural Fusion IT

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In another post I suggested it might be helpful to connect a few dots...

Technologies for a Social Innovation Nation


Social Innovation Sign Post

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The implications of “the cloud” for CRM technology solutions  and the FOSS ecosystem are considerably more obvious  than its promise in art as social innovation.

Cultural Fusion Approach to Poverty Impacts


My objective here is to begin laying out a series of blog posts that will connect a few major points.

Building in the Sky, Will You Come Play?

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 The Labyrinth Series is one I am developing for several applications. This painting was  starting point after playing around with print carvings....this piece uses clay, gesso, and acrylic paint on canvas board.

Art, Politics and Open Source

I have long been an advocate for end user led innovation, especially in IT. Currently private vendors and a select group of insiders are the only ones privy to the inner workings of voter tabulation software, both its processes and disconcerting loopholes. 

Challenges in End User Led Innovation

 Labyrinth studies #5


It has been awhile since I provided an update, but don't worry the work has continued. Much of what has been produced up until now are the pieces that create the underpinning for the technology components.

Financial Market turmoil as a factor in potential human service crisis....how can FOSS help?


Consider what a radically new social landscape we create when we can engage all levels of society based on this idea….

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