Cultural Fusion Approach to Poverty Impacts


My objective here is to begin laying out a series of blog posts that will connect a few major points.

The first being what Cultural Fusion Art as Philosophy as an A/r/tographic model for community change  has to offer in advancing social innovation.The founding concept of the series as Art Based inquiry has been and remains attentive to wealth creation as a solution reframing poverty reduction. Creating an engine for social enterprise through interdisciplinary research to increase contextual understanding of the FOSS Ecosystem and discipher opportunities in Collective Intelligence projects.



  by Muhammad Yunus

The essence of my argument is that in order to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, poverty we must go back to the drawing board. Concepts, institutions, and framing conditions which created poverty cannot end poverty. If we can intelligently rework these framing conditions, poverty will be gone, never to come back again.
In this article I will draw your attention to five issues which need to be urgently revisited:

(a) widening the concept of employment;

(b) ensuring financial services even to the poorest person;

(c) recognizing every single human being as a potential entrepreneur;

(d) recognizing social entrepreneurs as potential agents for creating a world of peace, harmony, and progress;

(e) recognizing the role of globalization and information technology in reducing poverty.


Developing the major socio-technical components of Cultural Fusion is made do-able and cost effective by the advent of cloud computing - previously this had been expressed tool set bundling. Creating the platform and functionality for the major IT infrastructure for this series will also result in re-usable solutions and new products for niche or emerging markets. Chief among these re-usable solutions are equipped research & development spaces for ongoing work.  


Second,to advance use this Arts Based approach to develop sustainability strategies advancing end user innovations that benefit all partners and stakeholders. One level of this is development and delivery of CRM Strategy solutions that support meaningful CSR programs as an innovation in social impact bonds. The Cultural Fusion Touring Event Series is an example of how this project is an engine supporting other programs and matching needs to opportunities. Another aspect of this work is the marketing, testing or development of new or existing technology, services, or systems. 

Third, creation of the collaborative Art:Work(s) in the series promote social innovation as an expression of civic engagement that increases social capital that can be transferred and leveraged for new approaches in regional economic development in a globalized world. A fundamental consideration is connecting IT infrastructure with expanded understanding of the broader situation in which it is developed/delivered.