Technology for Social Innovation, Cultural Fusion IT

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In another post I suggested it might be helpful to connect a few dots...

Technologies for a Social Innovation Nation


The key challenge faced by governments trying to grow the economy and jobs can be seen when they take the top-down approach of trying to 'create jobs', ie they fund infrastructure work that creates employment while it is underway.

This can only last as long as their funds do, meaning of course it's not sustainable.

A sustainable strategy would instead be to invest those funds, into platforms that enable the nation to become more inherently innovative and prosperous, improving their ICT productivity so that they can more easily start new businesses based on new ideas and opportunities.


Second point, from that list of three, for your consideration - to advance use this Arts Based approach to develop sustainability strategies supporting end user innovations that benefit all partners and stakeholders.

Cultural Fusion Art as Philosophy, Hotel Infinity as Destination in LifeLearning

Create - Participate - Discover

Imagine entering an awesome, but unassuming , wonderland for social & business  innovation.

Upon crossing the threshold into this multidimensional portal, you get access to a playful context for  unearthing opportunities in problems and order in chaos.

   When launched this lobby will be re-designed


Using interactive public art to deliver a flexible system that unlocks the social, eco & economic value produced in specific p2p collaboration networks.The latest website sandbox is part of the technical planning for beta launch. That sandbox was created to better represent and explore spatial navigation and contextual relationships of data or content. This has opened a new way of approaching information security and distance work collaborations. 

One level of this is development and delivery of CRM Strategy solutions that support meaningful CSR programs as an innovation in social impact bonds. The Cultural Fusion Touring Event Series is an example of how this project is an engine supporting other programs and matching needs to opportunities. Another aspect of this work is the marketing, testing or development of new or existing technology, services, or systems.  

The IT Infrastructure for Cultural Fusion has been conceptualized to explore a new understanding of things like community or customer.This is a philosophical line of inquiry that could not be more relevant to businesses who need to figure out how to unleash other kinds of capital, such as the social capital inherent in your brand evangelist.  


As a virtual location this platform is conceived to explore paradoxes. While it seeks to overcome obstacles to engaging the bandwidth poor, as an inclusive concept it will also occupy both virtual space and spaces that are geographically site specific during the course of various installation exhibitions, such as augmented reality interactive sites relevant to pubic art for community learning and research...that also works as an enhancement to historical tours, linking urban and rural tourism as a marketing and CRM Strategy components for both international and regional campaigns.