Update April 2007:  Due to the number of phony registrations received  lately, we have changed our site registration processes. To become an iFOSSF site member, you either have to have an invitation from one of our existing site members or to use the "Contact Us" form with a brief description of the reason for joining. We regret any inconvenience of this may cause, but thought majority members will appreciate this extra level of screening process.

Currently all levels of iFOSSF memberships are free, we hope with your generous support we can continue to keep iFOSSF a thriving organization for ideas fueling exploration and realization supporting the global FOSS Movement.

What can you do after sign up?


Before registered on the site.

  • Access majority of the site content.
  • Search the site.


Have filled out the user profile:

  • Access My Notifications to receive email alerts for new content postings.
  • Participate in Forums
  • Post your own Blogs.
  • Post comments.
  • Send invitations.
  • Submit project proposals
  • Opportunity to be "auditioned" into sponsored project implementations.

Project Leads

Have at least one project proposal accepted by the iFOSSF review board.

  • Create project groups, maintain group specific content such as white paper etc.
  • Access more advanced collaboration tools such as calendar coordination, collaborative editing.
  • Opportunity to be included in iFOSSF collaborative grant proposal program.


By invitation only from the iFOSSF Board.

  • Post a partner profile
  • Develop joint strategic programs
  • Access to tools for large scale project development (coming soon)