Cultural Fusion

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Cultural Fusion is an Art Series.

It is a radical re-envisioning of community development and social enterprise in which the concept for the business product/service is regarded as a work of art where time and place are colored by the Internet and IT within a CRM Strategy - CSR framework that embraces the entire ecosystem.

Emerging from an inquiry into art with purpose this Art Based research seeks to create information technology and social system infrastructures that support easy glocal (globally local) deployment of new projects as part of this Art:Work first and community solution as part of the functionality. As communities of practice become a more normalized concept the concept of community itself expands. The concept of region is being redefined and the impact of innovation will serve some regions over others.
Using Art as the base line, the spaces between the business market view and human/ecological services can be seen and experienced as a paradox. By connecting CRM Strategy and CSR programming with Social Impact via public art as research a range of needs are brought together to help demonstrate multifaceted solutions with significant benefits (government costs, public safety, social innovation impacts, advancement of art based research and A/r/tographic Inquiry)

Cultural Fusion is the new performance art and multimedia collaboration series from Clear CRM Strategy social enterprise concept for linking community and business needs in creating opportunities. The series will explore the relationship between art and business as a mechanism in the approach to customer retention and brand building that serve greater causes. From that starting point, other projects or rooms in Hotel Infinity will reveal new questions and present additional concepts to be explored, so there is no defined end to the project.

The postings at this project space is for the discussions and identifications of ICT/FOSS enablers which will lead to the practical implementation of the Cultural Fusion Art as Philosophy product/services that will innovate sustainable community driven development and contribute to related knowledge bases.
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