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UserDateCountrysort iconExpertise/Interests
sokolDec 19 2006 - 08:39AlbaniaICT, Regulatory Framework, E-Government/E-Governance, e-democracy, FOSS
FerranDec 17 2006 - 17:54AndorraCONSEN (EEIG) Euro-Group is a Grouping of European SMEs who have agreed to cooperate as Euro-Cluster in Information Society Technologies projects, tenders and business throughout Europe. - CONSEN is a non-profit, independent and international consulting firm constituted in November of 2004 in Barcelona. - CONSEN aims to maximize socio-economic benefits acting Pro-Information Society and Open Technologies. - A member of CONSEN Partners network Grouping owns a shares and pays an annual fee and receives benefits in four major areas: research and innovation, marketing and promotion, network building, and organization. - CONSEN is a European OS/IST Cluster built with the networking methodologies and competences of our partners.
sunnyDec 9 2006 - 05:11AustraliaProviding web services
Graham DouglasDec 18 2006 - 21:30AustraliaTraining to achieve Integrative Improvement: Sustainable Development as if People and Their Physical, Social and Cultural Environments Mattered.
rfitzgeraldMar 31 2007 - 11:51AustraliaICT integration in education, application of collaborative technologies to teaching, learning and capacity-building, understanding learning in online communities of practice Psychology of individual differences in relation to learning and computer-based instruction Research and evaluation methods particularly technology-based methods. The use of participatory research methods, visual and graphical data analysis, qualitative and quantitative methods especially multivariate procedures.
bnnrcDec 2 2006 - 14:22Bangladesh
RussellDec 8 2006 - 08:59Bangladesh
rossikamalJan 10 2009 - 15:17BangladeshSearch engine, VOIP and ERP
stewartmarDec 9 2006 - 05:45BarbadosICT for education and development
PrasMay 31 2007 - 20:00BelgiumUnique global projects, Technologies, Computers, political and social technologies, media technologies, Future Mining, Knowledge creation, project design Civilisational Engineering , Architecture, Internet, Economy Emergent artforms , Therapy, hybridisation, heart
molelugbDec 11 2006 - 07:01BotswanaI am in the education sector heading the Educational Technology Unit of Centre for Academic Development in the University of Botswana. My Unit is charged with the responsibility of implementing eLearning in the University and for four years now we have been using a proprietary platform( WebCT) which is increasingly becoming too expensive for us as a universitry in a developing country. I have set up a working group to advice the university on the possibilities of using an open source platform. I hope joining this platform will accord us an opportunity to learn more about the requirements of an open source.
ratemDec 8 2006 - 18:47Brazil-Industry: research and education -Areas of research and consulting: FOS-ERP, Enterprise Content Management, Decision Support Systems, FOSS in Government and e-Government
ivan40Sep 10 2007 - 12:56BulgariaIT consluting
techcefacosMay 31 2007 - 17:41CameroonArts and Culture, FOSS education
brianNov 27 2008 - 16:57CameroonProject writing Youth Consultant Culture and Arts
BigBirdyApr 11 2007 - 02:53CanadaBusiness and Technology Consultant specializing in "open" solutions including open-source and open-standards based technologies. Advocate for community driven, socially conscious and sustainable development. Psychology | Research | Statistics | Analytics | Database Development | Critical Thinking | Project Management | FOSS (Personal Home Page: http://www.johnnystork.ca)
Yi ZhouDec 9 2006 - 18:03ChinaEconomics of Intellectual Property
Martin von Hall...Jun 17 2007 - 09:24Denmarkit-law
AgerskovMar 12 2009 - 09:59DenmarkFOSS ideology and methods
femLINKPACIFIC ...Dec 10 2006 - 21:22FijiMedia Communication ICT for development
INSEMar 11 2008 - 23:51FranceProfessional Dreaming Social Entrepreneurship Mentoring/Coaching Wealth Creation Wealth Retention
lguerinMar 12 2009 - 08:55FranceIT, software development ( Java, AJAX, frameworks, Java development industrialization, Open Source )
airjumpDec 8 2006 - 08:45GermanyTelecommunication Routing Ubuntu
kaprebbieMay 31 2007 - 16:26GhanaICTs for Development eLearning Instructional Design
africaictrightFeb 4 2008 - 17:02GhanaMy primary industry expertise or area of interests is Information & Communications Technology (ICT)
fredyeboahJan 13 2010 - 21:47GhanaEducational Management Tool Linux System Administration E-learning platforms
tryggvibDec 8 2006 - 08:32IcelandSoftware development and deployment processes
hemantaDec 8 2006 - 09:47IndiaEducation Training
RANGA BABUDec 9 2006 - 03:08Indiarunning National level not for profit organisation 'AWARD' AND interest is social service and fund raising.
krisdevDec 9 2006 - 05:58IndiaICT & e-Governance
insurancesurveyorDec 9 2006 - 13:07IndiaI practice as Insurnace surveyor in india. I have a greater vision to take this profession on global platform. There are umpteen issues i would like to address and draw attention of people from all walks of life as insurance has now become fourth basic necessity after food, clothing and shelter
yogesh_cbyDec 10 2006 - 03:29IndiaWireless communication and VoIP
kumarpatnamDec 10 2006 - 06:01Indiaacademic research on development and diffusion of FLOSS in India
prateek.agrwalMar 8 2007 - 08:12IndiaComputer Sc. Student
praveen kumar v...Sep 2 2007 - 15:07IndiaKnowledge Mangement,Content Management, Professional Chess
srisandeshJan 28 2008 - 14:02IndiaLibrary automation / Digital libraries / Knowledge management
mfaridazisDec 8 2006 - 01:21Indonesiamedia communication, software development, knowledge management
bennyApr 19 2007 - 04:12IndonesiaWe are University in East Java, Indonesia which promote open source applicaton and develop new application for public using open source software.
cristina1.rossiDec 11 2006 - 10:14ItalyResearcher in economics
giuseppepMar 9 2007 - 22:31Italy
AlaDec 8 2006 - 08:51JordanSME , NGO ,
jwaluDec 11 2006 - 12:22KenyaNational ICT Policy, Regulatory issues, Internet Technologies and Infrastructure. IT Security and Assuarance.
mkinyuaJan 3 2007 - 10:08KenyaICT, Digital Divide, business
IrenaDec 14 2006 - 20:42Macedonia
kennethmsiskaMar 8 2007 - 06:57MalawiNon governmental organization, ICT Advocacy and ICT-related initiatives.
Martin RizziDec 15 2006 - 06:35Mexicocottage industry handcraft jewelry production: folkloric dancing, music, movie production; creating a Renaissance, for real, right now.
Fred OpaliDec 4 2006 - 10:13NamibiaEnglish, E-Moderating, and E-Conference Hosting.
ssmritiFeb 7 2007 - 08:51NepalICT for Development, FOSS, software development, website development
HempalShresthaFeb 15 2007 - 13:07NepalOpen Development Open Content
woepwoepOct 7 2006 - 20:05Netherlands