Enterprise 2.0 - Harnessing the Wikipedia effect

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Enterprise 2.0

The headline story for the November 08 edition of Fast Company was that Cisco have begun adopting a "socialist enterprise" approach to their management. The article explains they have begun to use Web 2.0 technologies internally to better co-ordinate business activities, and also less formal organisational structures to improve their agility so that they can bring new products to market faster.

Volunteers needed for the creation of Think Youth Independent Empowerment Center in Eight African Countries

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Think Youth Independent Center for Empowerment, will give the youths of these underprivilege area to have the opportunities to secure their future. The project has already started in Cameroon Under the banner of Think Youth Independent Association. The other countires to get involved include Nigeria, Chad, Rwanda, Congo DR, Ethopia, Kenya and Malawi.

Art, Politics and Open Source

I have long been an advocate for end user led innovation, especially in IT. Currently private vendors and a select group of insiders are the only ones privy to the inner workings of voter tabulation software, both its processes and disconcerting loopholes. 

Challenges in End User Led Innovation

 Labyrinth studies #5


It has been awhile since I provided an update, but don't worry the work has continued. Much of what has been produced up until now are the pieces that create the underpinning for the technology components.

white paper on Open Source Digital Archival and Preservation System

UNESCO publishes a whitepaper on Open Source Digital Archival and Preservation System

Towards an Open Source Repository and Preservation System: Recommendations on the Implementation of an Open Source Digital Archival and Preservation System and on Related Software Development', Kevin Bradley,Junran Lei, and Chris Blackall. Paris: UNESCO, 2007.

Financial Market turmoil as a factor in potential human service crisis....how can FOSS help?


Consider what a radically new social landscape we create when we can engage all levels of society based on this idea….

FOSS- a role to play in the future of art and expessive therapy

Before I point you towards a couple of online videos I'd like to help create the context that connects to the role of FOSS in addressing two areas that at first look may not seem related.


Initial thoughts for the research projects

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As per the announcement there are a number of advanced funding projects in research areas mainly centred on 'intelligent systems', such as NGNi, Next Generation Networked Information. Here's a few thoughts to get the ball rolling on a discussion about how we could apply.

iFOSSF Cooperation Opportunities

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Dear All,

We have established a new facility to announce  iFOSSF co-operation opportunities at http://coop.ifossf.org.   Opportunities will be ranging from joint grant proposals, stipends and partnerships for awarded project implementations as well as  volunteering opportunities.

As a start, there are two Open Calls posted for collaborative grant opportunities, one for US National Endowment of Humanity the other one is for National Science Foundation. The general theme is to encourage iFOSSF members to collaborate on innovative projects to advance FOSS applications and its philosophy in real world situations.

We will add additional opportunities in the coming days, weeks. Please visit  http://coop.ifossf.org and let us know if you have any comments/feedbacks. Most importantly submit your ideas and get awarded!