CONSEN - MUFICATA - MY Presentation and Interests

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I am Ferran Cabrer i Vilagut, I am 48 years old. I am married and I have a child of 17th. I am Industrial and Agriculture Engineer. I am Catalan, I think in and speak Catalan. I born and I am living in Barcelona. I work for the European Commission in Research projects. My experience is in Information Society Technologies and in Open-solutions for collaborative working spaces. I founded CONSEN Euro-Group a non-profit E.E.I.G. for sharing resources and competences in an alliance of professionals and micro-companies for presenting and carrying out European research and innovation projects in the field of Open Info-Spaces technologies. You can find more about me and my work on the Net.

Movie Music Cottage Industry

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Project Goal 1: to preserve and add value

to the cultural and artistic heritage
of Taxco de Alarcon, Guerrero by supporting the veteran musicans, drama, and dance teachers in the context of a movie making project with local people as actors, actresses, writers, dancers, directors, screen editors, camerographers etc.

There are very worthy veteran artists in Taxco.
Constantly, they are asked to volunteer for public events,
just so the mayor gives a blue ribbon, but nobody ever pays them.

At the heart of our movie-making project,
are payments to veteran Tasqueñan artists
for their involvement in the artistic direction of our media projects,
and to influence the youth in the creation of commercial art products
in the forms of popular music, dance, and movies.

Transparency in South Asia

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Recently I joined a conference of South Asian Water Parnership of 6 countries at Columbo Srilanka. I witnessed blind fury over the issues. My suggestion to use satellite based imagery of project area was considered and turned into the part of resolution but I fear I was not accurately understood.

Needs and Insight lead the way

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This article has been revised to explore a practical aspect of the Cultural Fusion project and it's connection to iFOSSF and FOSS. When Alterian, a marketing software company, asked marketing service providers about their top challenges the results were no surprise. The primary five were analytics, data acquisition, database management, lead management and track ROI. Industry leaders seem to agree that the demand is for integrated-single serve solutions and this is leading providers to make strategic alliances.

Telecenters in Pakistan

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Pakistan is gearing up for a massive and expansive Telecentre movement evolving quietly as a multi-stakeholder initiative. This initiative is neither a one man show nor can it be attributed to a single entity as the movement has been influenced by ICT4D multi-stakeholder contributions towards identifying and realizing where the country stands in terms of its ICT infrastructure, how can this infrastructure be utilized to deliver an efficient model for Telecenters in the country, with of course, support through a fund of Pakistani Rupees 100 Billion under the Universal Service Fund USF available for funding and managing this movement. However, the crown for advocating and initiating the process of Telecentres goes to both the World Bank and Mr. Salman Ansari of SATC (Salman Ansari Technology Consultants) who has completed the final report titled "Telecenters and Community Resource and Information Centers in Pakistan" programme that will be targeting setting up of rural ‘Tele-centers’ in Pakistan under the Universal Service Fund Program.

OCI NOVOSTI, Eyes News- Cultural Fusion fires up again

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OCI NOVOSTI is about to kick off as a Cultural Fusion Group project led by the instructor and students of NGO Art Studio in the Republic of Macedonia.

Sadistic Ophelia, a Scarybirds Collaboration

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Creative expression has an important role to play in the healing process after violent victimization. One of the project collaborations for Cultural Fusion is geared towards deploying a web based self help iniative that can supplement the offerings of NGOs who help traumatized communities. Using art to give voice to their rage, humiliation, and desire for revenge so that peace in reality can be found as part of the recovery process.

Kerry's project a focus on human rights

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Kerry posted her request for help with her site and since i've seen not comments i'd like to invite people to look seriously at her Scarybirds project and how they may be able to help.

I am looking for some help

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in fixing up a community site that is based on drupal anybody out there?


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Welcome to iFOSSF !

After 4 months of strategy planning, office and infrastructure setup,  we finally have our website launched! For this beta launch, we are trying to get the basic content and workflow going so that you know who we are and how to engage with us. We will continue enhance the site functions and populating new content as part of our normal routines.