Foundation for Sustainable Development

Foundation for Sustainable Development
Field of Focus:
iFOSSF is in collaboration with FSD to apply SEED framework to FSD field projects as well as for on-going SEED Framework researches.
Description :
Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) has been described as the “gold standard for global engagement programs.” Our program sites are in six countries and 10 cities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. For almost two decades we have supported more than 300 community partner organizations and trained more than 3,000 volunteers. Our community development efforts have maintained an ongoing project sustainability rate of 80 percent, addressing health, social, environmental, and economic issues by responding to community priorities and offering training, grants, and volunteer support to our community partners. In 2012, we supported 242 projects and invested more than $840,000 in our partner communities. As a result, our work directly improved the lives of 142,000 people around the world. From a women’s beekeeping business in Kenya to nutritional education for mothers in Nicaragua and cook stove projects in India, FSD listens to community priorities and supports local leaders to achieve their vision for a better future.
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