OASIS eGov Member Section

OASIS eGov Member Section
Field of Focus:
iFOSSF is a member of the OASIS e-Gov member sector. Contributing and promoting open standards for citizen-centric government.
Description :

The OASIS eGovernment Member Section (eGov MS) serves as a focal point for discussions of governmental and public administration requirements for e-business standardization. Bringing together representatives from global, regional, national and local government agencies, the eGov MS provides a platform for those who share a common interest in directing and understanding the impact of open standards on the public sector.

The key objectives of the Member Section are:

  • To promote the adoption and implementation of open standards that facilitate interoperability within and between government agencies and all of their stakeholders.
  • To stimulate the sharing of best practices and examination of use cases concerning the delivery of eGovernment services, bringing together all jurisdictions of  public administrations with other OASIS constituencies – enterprises, technology vendors, research and academia and ICT professionals, wherever they are.
  • To promote interoperability and the implementation of open standards for transformational government.
  • To develop eGovernment guidelines that could add value by focusing on use cases and specific requirements at different jurisdictions of public administration in countries from varying levels of economic and technological development.
  • To create a platform for a series of activities focused on stimulating more inclusive, citizen-centred and shared solutions for Transformational Government.


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