Program Overview

iFOSSF fulfills its objectives through a number of strategic Programs that drive a portfolio of enabling tactical Projects carried out jointly by iFOSSF partners and membership networks.  All iFOSSF tactical projects must address the root causes of social, humanity or economical problems and lead to new ways of thinking and acting by using ICT FOSS as an enabler.

Strategic Programs

iFOSSF strategic programs are defined by the iFOSSF advisory board, they are  reviewed yearly. The current program description can be viewed from the links under the "Strategic Program" block on the right.

Tactical Projects 

Tactical projects are managed and led by individual project leads.  Partners or individual iFOSSF members can either engage  with existing iFOSSF projects or to propose new ones. The engagement can take in several forms from acquiring project funding, to joint project development to joint advocacy/cause-related marketing. Please read the Partnership and Community page for more information on participating and supporting our existing projects.

New Project Proposal:

iFOSSF will require interested parties to pass through a transparent open and inclusive screening process to evaluate the feasibility of a proposed program or project.  Please follow the following two simple steps to begin the process.

  1. The submitter needs to be a registered member of the iFOSSF network so that we have some basic contact information. Please use the registration form to register.
  2. Once registered, project submission form  will be available under your "My Workspace" for you to start the process.

The project proposal submitted by interested partners/members should:

  • Comply with the mission, purpose and strategy of iFOSSF
  • Be open and inclusive to all stakeholders in the form of FOSS communities
  • Promote partnerships with academic, public or private sectors of society or economy with at least one named beneficiary group identified.
  • Replicatable and usable in other regions around the globe
  • Not be discriminating, religious or political in nature
  • Be achievable within the time line proposed and resources outlined

Evaluation results:

The disposition of the proposal can be one of the following results:

  • Rejected, with reasons
  • Accepted, as part of the iFOSSF advocacy program if no additional financial or resource support is required.
  • Accepted, the proposal will be supported or merged into existing iFOSSF program/project that addresses similar issues.
  • Accepted, a closer partnership will be developed to pursue joint project sponsorship and development resource.

It usually takes about 4-8 weeks for the evaluation process to complete.