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Connecting the Country Through Enterprise FOSS Strategies

Even though I participate in the Hanoi LUG, I have not been playing a very active role however, in events like the International Software Freedom Day SFD, we help the LUG by providing free Internet Connectivity and drinking Beer with them" says 32 years old Vietnamese, VuThe BinH. BinH carries an Engineer Certificate in Electronic Engineering & Information Technology, a Bachelors degree in English and Masters of Economics from Vietnam.

Asia Source 2 - FOSS Stories from the South

These contributions are part of a series of articles that were prepared by iFOSSF during participation in the Asia Source II (FOSS Training Camp) held from January 22-30, 2007 at Yawtira Asri, Sukabumi, Indonesia during January 2007 with the support of UNDP-APDIP Asia Pacific Information Development Programme ( and the International Open Source Network (

There is Always a First Step

Carmela N Bona, a young 23 year old graduate of Communication Arts from the University of the Philippines in Mindanao.

"I graduated in April 2005 and then in May 2005, joined the the Mindanao Business Council, as a Communications Assistant also working at the same time as a Technical Project Assistant for the Chamber Management Institute. We developed modules for the Mindanao that is a non-gov and a member organization. My organization is a network of Chambers of Commerce and Business Councils and our objective is to support and strengthen chambers to further establish organizations".

The Path to Productivity - Bengali Localization in India

"I'm Sayamindu Dasgupta, a student and FOSS enthusiast from the Eastern part of India. I am involved with a number of organizations inclusive the FSF India, GNOME, AnkurBangla, etc. However, my first love is always AnkurBangla," shares Sayamindu. "It's an umbrella group for handling all the work related to support for the Bangla (Bengali) language in FOSS. When we started out, our goal was to have 'Bangla support in popular Xserver based applications'. Along the course of the project, it was extended to include other interesting tools like having Bangla spellcheckers, Optical Character Recognition, Text to Speech engines, etc. Moreover, we had recognized the need for FOSS advocacy as well, and some of us right now are quite famous as FOSS advocates in our region."

Future Disaster Management with SAHANA

"Sahana Disaster Management System is a FOSS solution for managing relief operation information during disasters around the world. We were there with Sahana for Tsunami, we were there with Sahana for the Earth Quake in Pakistan and we were there again with Sahana for the Mud Slide in the Philipines, we are also available for everyone who wants to include Sahana for their Disaster Management Policies for the future anywhere around the world," shares Ravindra D'Silva from the University of Maratuao, Sri Lanka, the development home of Sahana.

Sure Ways to Change The World for Philipines

"I am Myra Jill Siason, a 26 year old IT and education enthusiast from the Philippines currently connected with the University of the Philippines Diliman Interactive Learning Center (UP-DILC). This organization is tasked to cater to the needs of the University faculty in terms of teaching materials and learning objects creations and we assist the faculty with the use of technology" shares an inspiring Myra, a FOSS Advocate from the Philipines. "We would like to develop University faculty members who are really technology savy by educating them in the proper use and integration of technology in their teaching pedagogy", she says.

Doing Little Creates A Major Difference Part-1

Jerome S.G is a 32 year old FOSS developer from the Philippines contributing to projects like Edubuntu and Ubuntu. "I excel best developing new stuff using FOSS instead of simply maintaining it, not because it doesn't pay good but because I have a passion for innovation and FOSS leverages me that flexibility. I would have never known where I would be if I hadn't started hacking code 10 years back when I got involved with FOSS while working for a Semi-Conductor Company.

Doing Little Creates A Major Difference Part-2

The Ubuntu & Edubuntu Story

Says Jerome S.G., "I tend to overdo stuff like instead of developing new stuff all the time instead of just forking the code so I moved on for better opportunities and empower myself to do something new and I learnt from scratch again, installed Solaris, exploring new code spending nights trying to find some work. I eventually stumbled upon this not-so-secret project by this south African millionaire guy and studied their mailing lists and code exploring where I could contribute new stuff. When these guys came out with Ubuntu, this was definitely the project I wanted to join. I never knew how they worked and never had dreamed of working with them as well as was never active on the international mailing lists and only contributed back at home. I did contribute to KDE but never to anything else and big. I joined the KDE Journal guys because of my advanced XML and Markup experience."

The Great Leap For Bangladesh

Jamil Ahmed, FOSS Advocate joins in from a Dhaka, Bangladesh where he also professionally works as a Project Manager in a local software development firm, "In my free time I lead a small voluntary group named Ankur ( Along with this, currently I am the maintainer of bn_BD glibc local, Bengali localization for GNOME, GAIM, Open, Fedora core, Mandriva Linux, SUSE Linux and Debian GNU/Linux installer".

Jumping into the Water and Learning to Swim

"My name is B.N Jagadeesh, and I work with the Alternative Law Forum, a Bangalore based organization addressing the issues related to Intellectual Property Rights, Gender, Sexuality and Human Rights and I myself practice Criminal Law while also pursuing Copyrights and the FOSS Movement. Apart from all that, I work to help our offices on Linux" shares the young Lawyer and Linux Administrator from India. "As an organization we believe in that information should be available freely to the people as well as believe in piracy and used pirated versions of Windows".