Asia Source 2 - FOSS Stories from the South

These contributions are part of a series of articles that were prepared by iFOSSF during participation in the Asia Source II (FOSS Training Camp) held from January 22-30, 2007 at Yawtira Asri, Sukabumi, Indonesia during January 2007 with the support of UNDP-APDIP Asia Pacific Information Development Programme ( and the International Open Source Network (

Financial Market turmoil as a factor in potential human service can FOSS help?


Consider what a radically new social landscape we create when we can engage all levels of society based on this idea….

FOSS- a role to play in the future of art and expessive therapy

Before I point you towards a couple of online videos I'd like to help create the context that connects to the role of FOSS in addressing two areas that at first look may not seem related.


Live Your Culture - DANKA's electronic subcultural revolution from South Asia

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       A subcultural revolution is evolving, taking place right here in Lahore, the city where I live! Whenever someone who is well connected with the beautiful history of South Asia, hears the name of Lahore, a grand culture signified and colored by a great history comes to their mind. Lahore has always been the peaceful cultural capital of the country hosting beautiful Mughal gardens, historical buildings, mosques, libraries, museums, shrines, forts, towers and monuments dating back centuries old civilizations and empires of great rulers.  

Connecting "IT" with "People" - Understanding Neo-Connectivity & Neo-Communities

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The world is changing everyday, every moment at a rapid pace making available emerging digital technologies that continue to make it easier to connect regions that were once in the past disconnected from the rest of the globe. These disconnected communities comprised of ecosystems that nurtured small-scale communities of limited civilization living within their own worlds enclosed in small community shells deprived of information and knowledge about the outer world they were a part of.

Telecenters in Pakistan

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Pakistan is gearing up for a massive and expansive Telecentre movement evolving quietly as a multi-stakeholder initiative. This initiative is neither a one man show nor can it be attributed to a single entity as the movement has been influenced by ICT4D multi-stakeholder contributions towards identifying and realizing where the country stands in terms of its ICT infrastructure, how can this infrastructure be utilized to deliver an efficient model for Telecenters in the country, with of course, support through a fund of Pakistani Rupees 100 Billion under the Universal Service Fund USF available for funding and managing this movement. However, the crown for advocating and initiating the process of Telecentres goes to both the World Bank and Mr. Salman Ansari of SATC (Salman Ansari Technology Consultants) who has completed the final report titled "Telecenters and Community Resource and Information Centers in Pakistan" programme that will be targeting setting up of rural ‘Tele-centers’ in Pakistan under the Universal Service Fund Program.