What does it take to establish a Telecentre?

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I say it takes a visionary who can put words into actions, a village with great enthusiasm and lots of helping hands from all of us.

Emmanuel is from Kumbo Cameroon, a place that I knew very little about before Emmanuel first wrote to me. Over the last year I have not only learned about Kumbo but also a man with a big dream for his community. I'm posting this message to help raising funds for the re-establishing of the TeleCentre. I hope this will be one of the many upcoming postings that we can share with you about the progress of the center establishment, and how others might do the same as Emmanuel is doing for the Kumbo community.

iFOSSF is collecting funds on behalf of the NGO, if you live in the US, your contributions are tax deductible. Read on for more details ...

FOSS in Telecenter Resources

This page maintains publications, research reports and informative external links for the development and deployment of FOSS in telecenters.

Telecenters and Community Resource & Information Centres in Pakistan : Vol 1 (PDF document, 4.7 Mb) by Salman Ansari Technology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.

This document is a brief study of the phenomenon of Telecenters as they have evolved in different parts of the World and in Pakistan. The report was developed for The World Bank, this document also provided analysis of different approaches to creating the actual Telecenters and addressing challenges which will be faced.

Telecenters in Pakistan

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Pakistan is gearing up for a massive and expansive Telecentre movement evolving quietly as a multi-stakeholder initiative. This initiative is neither a one man show nor can it be attributed to a single entity as the movement has been influenced by ICT4D multi-stakeholder contributions towards identifying and realizing where the country stands in terms of its ICT infrastructure, how can this infrastructure be utilized to deliver an efficient model for Telecenters in the country, with of course, support through a fund of Pakistani Rupees 100 Billion under the Universal Service Fund USF available for funding and managing this movement. However, the crown for advocating and initiating the process of Telecentres goes to both the World Bank and Mr. Salman Ansari of SATC (Salman Ansari Technology Consultants) who has completed the final report titled "Telecenters and Community Resource and Information Centers in Pakistan" programme that will be targeting setting up of rural ‘Tele-centers’ in Pakistan under the Universal Service Fund Program.