Cultural Fusion

Building in the Sky, Will You Come Play?

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 The Labyrinth Series is one I am developing for several applications. This painting was  starting point after playing around with print carvings....this piece uses clay, gesso, and acrylic paint on canvas board.

Challenges in End User Led Innovation

 Labyrinth studies #5


It has been awhile since I provided an update, but don't worry the work has continued. Much of what has been produced up until now are the pieces that create the underpinning for the technology components.

Why Cultural Fusion, Art as Philosophy? (revised)

In sharing this i have come to see with increasing clarity the potential art has to shift the discussion from a debate to a dialogue.

What's the difference? One is shouting to be heard, the other is expressing to share/grow/learn. One will create more of the same old same old, while the other illuminates our path to peace and progress based on radical inclusion.

Cultural Fusion - Art as Philosophy, asks Google, "Are you talking to us?"

Recently when speaking with Washington decision makers, Google's statements (unintentionally) framed the relevance of "Cultural Fusion - art as philosophy" that will be moving forward with "Hotel Infinity phase1" (i will post an update on this in the forum for comment) to officially launch on the UNInternational Day of Peace Sept. 21, 2007. This will premier the first step(s) in the artwork to benefit Foot Steps for Life, the start of my quest to automate global social responsibility as a CRM Strategy. When Eric Schmidt talks, people listen and what he's saying needs to get your attention. Anyone who knows the value of art in society and everyone who doubts this to be true needs to pay attention.

Seeking Partners for Local OCI NOVOSTI projects

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Thank you to everyone who has expressed an interest in Cultural Fusion and/or Oci Novosti.

We're now seeking partners to develop local Oci Novosti magazine projects.

The idea we're inviting input and feedback on is for a contest to introduce the project. Oci Novosti means Eyes News which is community, regional, national or even international news seen through the eyes of artists. The contest involves finding an image that would be regarded as or represents a problem in the community and then frame some part of it to find or create an image of beauty.

Needs and Insight lead the way

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This article has been revised to explore a practical aspect of the Cultural Fusion project and it's connection to iFOSSF and FOSS. When Alterian, a marketing software company, asked marketing service providers about their top challenges the results were no surprise. The primary five were analytics, data acquisition, database management, lead management and track ROI. Industry leaders seem to agree that the demand is for integrated-single serve solutions and this is leading providers to make strategic alliances.

OCI NOVOSTI, Eyes News- Cultural Fusion fires up again

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OCI NOVOSTI is about to kick off as a Cultural Fusion Group project led by the instructor and students of NGO Art Studio in the Republic of Macedonia.

Sadistic Ophelia, a Scarybirds Collaboration

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Creative expression has an important role to play in the healing process after violent victimization. One of the project collaborations for Cultural Fusion is geared towards deploying a web based self help iniative that can supplement the offerings of NGOs who help traumatized communities. Using art to give voice to their rage, humiliation, and desire for revenge so that peace in reality can be found as part of the recovery process.

Kerry's project a focus on human rights

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Kerry posted her request for help with her site and since i've seen not comments i'd like to invite people to look seriously at her Scarybirds project and how they may be able to help.