I'm known as: Johnny Stork
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Member Since: 2007-Apr-10
Country: Canada
Primary FOSS Role: System Integrator
Secondary Role: Evangelizer
Keywords: open standards, Open source, Open Science, Open Learning, Open Access, Community.
Business and Technology Consultant specializing in "open" solutions including open-source and open-standards based technologies. Advocate for community driven | socially conscious and sustainable development. Psychology | Research | Statistics | Analytics | Database Development | Critical Thinking | Project Management | FOSS (Personal Home Page: |
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My educational background is in psychology and statistics. I completed a Bachelors Degree in psychology in 1991 and was enrolled in a Masters of Science program between 1997 and 2000 but was unable to complete my thesis due to work and family constraints (with a bit of graduate school  disillusionment thrown in as well). Some of my other academic interests include brain and consciousness research, metaphysics and eastern philosophies.

I have also worked in the youth care industry developing programs for adolescent sexual and violent offenders. Although very stressful at times, I hope to return to helping youth in the future. Currently I am also exploring photography in an attempt to discover my "creative eye"...assuming I have one (or maybe even two).

I contribute(d) to the following FOSS development:
I am also familiar with the following FOSS:
Ubuntu., Trixbox, Suse, SugarCRM, RedHat, PHP, MySQL, Joomla, Hyperion, Snort, Asterisk, Apache