I'm known as: Ferran Cabrer i Vilagut
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Member Since: 2006-Dec-17
Country: Andorra
Primary FOSS Role: Evangelizer
Secondary Role: System Integrator
Keywords: Technological development, Research, Projects, Innovation, FP7, FP6, European
Website: http://consen.org
CONSEN (EEIG) Euro-Group is a Grouping of European SMEs who have agreed to cooperate as Euro-Cluster in Information Society Technologies projects | tenders and business throughout Europe. | - CONSEN is a non-profit | independent and international consulting firm constituted in November of 2004 in Barcelona. | - CONSEN aims to maximize socio-economic benefits acting Pro-Information Society and Open Technologies. | - A member of CONSEN Partners network Grouping owns a shares and pays an annual fee and receives benefits in four major areas: research and innovation | marketing and promotion | network building | and organization. | - CONSEN is a European OS/IST Cluster built with the networking methodologies and competences of our partners. |
More About Me:
Ferran Cabrer i Vilagut is President of CONSEN EEIG and General Manager of MULTIFINANCIAL CAPITAL S.L. Ferran, Industrial and Agricultural Engineer of profession and Master in Business Administration, started working as manager of the department of R&D phito-pharmaceutical across Spain. Affected by the petroleum world crisis and the prohibition of agrochemical phosphorates products, in a personal entrepreneur project opened a Enterprises Information and Technologic enterprises consulting in Barcelona area. The Internet was the instrument used to start the Corporate Finance and Merged & Acquisitions International services, that finally they was converted in EU information and project management services, creating CONSEN as Open Information Environment for working at European level.
Ferran cabrer i Vilagut
I contribute(d) to the following FOSS development:
TOSSAD, Meshup
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