Fouad Bajwa

I'm known as: Fouad Riaz Bajwa
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Member Since: 2006-Nov-17
Country: Pakistan
Primary FOSS Role: Evangelizer
Secondary Role: Mover & Shaker
Keywords: Blogging, Public Speaking, Writing, Research, FOSS, Information and Communication Technologies, ICT
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More About Me:

Fouad has been an active member of various educational, social, journalist and scientific movements in South Asia as well as globally related to policy advocacy, ICTs with FOSS in particular. He identified the "Spirit of FOSS" and Co-Founded FOSSFP:Free and Open Source Software Foundation of Pakistan that has been promoting the nationwide adoption of FOSS since 2004. Fouad was labelled as Pakistan's FOSS Campaigner by UNDP-APDIP International Open Source Network (IOSN). Fouad is also an active member of the Ubuntu Linux community.

Fouad has written numerous articles carrying out considerable research in the areas of ICTs, FOSS Advocacy, Telecenters, Alternate forms of Intellectual Property Rights, Internet Governance etc. Fouad is a Diplo Foundation, Malta Scholar & Alumni, recieved the "Sharing the Future Fellowship by (UNDP Tunisia)" and is leading efforts to identify Internet Governance related issues in Pakistan.

Fouad also serves on the Board (for Asia) of SANTEC - Educational Technology for Development. Fouad is a voluntary Admin Member of the BytesForAll Network South Asia and leads the BytesForAll Regional FLOSS Consortium in South Asia.

Fouad believes that humanity shares and builds upon knowledge and that knowledge should be made available to anyone and everyone freely and openly so that we can mutually benefit and sustain our future. This ideology sets forth the mission for promoting, "ICT Software Freedoms for Everyone!" globally.

I contribute(d) to the following FOSS development:
The Spirit of the FOSS Movement, The international FOSS movement vision, Numerous articles on FOSS a
I am also familiar with the following FOSS:
Slackware, Server, Red Hat, Lots of flavours and versions of Linux including Ubuntu Desktop, Gentoo