I'm known as: a Professional Dreamer
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Member Since: 2008-Mar-11
Country: France
Primary FOSS Role: Beginner
Secondary Role: Mover & Shaker
Keywords: Social Entrepreneurship, Wealth Creation, Wealth Retention, Culture of Peace, Radical Inclusion
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More About Me:
I am the founder and chairman of International Network of Social Entrepreneurs, a community I have started with the intent to provide a global Web 2.0 platform for Social Entrepreneurs to connect, share, collaborate on a number of key sustainable projects and promote Social Entrepreneurship worldwide.

INSE's vision is to have different stakeholders combining their expertise and talents, working in a highly collaborative fashion toward the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) signed by 191 members of the U.N to contribute to the eradication of poverty and the restoration of peace on Earth by 2015.
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