I'm known as: Muhammad Danish Mahboob Khan
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Member Since: 2007-Mar-29
Country: Pakistan
Primary FOSS Role: Evangelizer
Secondary Role: Mover & Shaker
Keywords: IT, Information and Communication Technologies, ICT
Information technology | Computer Hardware and Networks. |
More About Me:

My name is Muhammad Danish Mahboob Khan. I have spent more than 5 years in the field of Information Technology. You may find it in google by searching with my name as the key words.

I have BSC degree with Advanced Computer Studies as a major subject from Islamia University, Bahawal Pur.

I have also successfully completed 40 maximum ever courses from Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad, Pakistan.

I am the only student who obtained a divisional record (in Bahawal Pur Division) marks in Certificate in Computer Application 6 Months computer Course from Punjab Technical Board, Lahore, Pakistan.

I have obtained 961/1000 marks in Microsoft Certified Professional Exam (Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Network Operating System Paper) and became Microsoft Certified Professional on 13th March 2006. That was a new divisional record for Bahawal Pur.

I have obtained 905/1000 marks in Microsoft Certified Professional Exam (Microsoft Windows XP Professional Network Operating System Paper) and became Microsoft Certified Professional on 28th June 2006.

Government College Bahawal Nagar Awarded me two certificate of Merits for obtaining highest ever marks in the history of District Bahawal Nagar Scoring 147/200 marks in BSC in the subject of Advanced Computer Studies and second certificate for obtaining 140/200 marks in Geography Subject.

I have more than 5 years Computer Repairing & Networking Experience, Working as a Computer Hardware & Network Engineer in different well reputed government & Private Institutes of Pakistan.

Now I am doing my internship as A+ Practical Trainer in Punjab University College of Information Technology, Lahore, Pakistan.

My inspiration to join ITG is to share a Youth ICT Project success story from Pakistan with all the individuals, groups and organizations that have come together at ITG. I believe sharing my experiences with all the members at ITG will help us improve our projects, provide examples to others on this platform to gain from our project and work experiences. ITG is where we see ICT in action around the world and we are proud to present something from Pakistan which is becomming an e-revolution in our country within a short span of time. ITG is helping us strengthen and broaden our vision and activities.

Through sharing knowledge and skills can we grow as a nation!

Muhammad Danish Mahboob Khan
Network Supervisor and Administrator,

Government College of Commerce,
Bahawal Nagar,
Punjab, Pakistan

I contribute(d) to the following FOSS development:
The Spirit of the FOSS Movement, The international FOSS movement vision, Socio-dynamic and real-time evalution tools for e-learning, Fedora
I am also familiar with the following FOSS:
Server., Red Hat, Open Office., Lots of flavours and versions of Linux including Ubuntu Desktop