I'm known as: Yvette Dubel
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Member Since: 2006-Nov-07
Country: United States
Primary FOSS Role: Service Provider
Secondary Role: Evangelizer
Keywords: CRM, Art & Media
Website: http://www.webantiphon.com
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More About Me:

My interest in FOSS is in the role it can play in art and new media, relationship building that encourages and supports radically inclusive economic development within a healthy global ecosystem.

Cultural Fusion is creating the Avant Garde of  Event Marketing by marrying "art as philosophy" to meaningful marketing (Clear CRM strategy).

The commercial purpose is to showcase and bring attention to new technology, ideas, products, services etc as components in art installations, paintings/prints, sculpture, digital and other mixed media works. Hosted dialogues about the events and questions related to them will be an extended part of the events.  In fact we have a partner to provide mobile integration for event registration, q&a, discussions, etc. to connect our offline events synchronized with virtual ones via Hotel Infinity (more about that in a second).


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Cultural Fusion
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